Puppy & Sleep: The First Nights

The first nights are key to making sure your puppy transitions into its new surroundings. Since your puppy still isn’t potty trained, using a crate at night will help with any accidents and will also teach your dog that their crate is a safe place to be. Believe me, there will be lots of whining, crying and barking on the first night.

dog crate

  • Make sure the crate is not too big for the puppy, if it is then use a partition to block off part of it.
  • The crate should be comfy for the puppy, so put a blanket or dog bed in the crate with a plush toy for them to cuddle with, or the toy you brought to the breeders house with the pup’s sisters and brothers scents on it. (In my picture, you can see the bed, a blanket and a toy Ruby sleeps with.)
  • Play with your puppy before bedtime so they are tired and this will help them sleep more soundly. 20130104_212546
  • Do not let your puppy eat or drink anything after about 6:00 PM. This helps with less bathroom breaks in the middle of the night.
  • Take them to the bathroom right before bedtime. This will set the tone for every night and training will become easier as well. Remember to always praise your dog when they use the bathroom too.
  • Keeping a routine is very important for a puppy so they know what is expected of them.

We put Ruby’s crate next to our bed, and I recommend your pup sleeping in your room for constant contact and in case of whining or bathroom breaks. When Ruby would start whining we would soothe her with a very quiet “shhhh” or calm her down and then praise her when she would be quiet. We would get up about two times a night to let her go to the bathroom and then back in the crate she went. New puppy owners need to stay consistent and patient with their new puppy sleeping or not sleeping and remember your puppy’s whole life has been turned upside down, so love and support them.

How were your first nights with puppy? Do you have any tips or suggestions on this topic?