Dog Treat Ingredients: Store Bought vs. Homemade

Dog owners love giving their furry friends a treat whether it be for a trick, training, or fun. Valerie Cline, from The Whole Dog Journal, sums up treat giving very well, “Treats are fine; after all, we snack between meals! But, just as with our snacks, what treats you choose to give your dog should contribute – not take away from – the overall healthfulness of his diet.”

As dog owners, we need to educate ourselves on what is good and bad for our dogs. Heather a vet technician lists toxic foods that can harm your dog on her webpage, this list is a great start to learning what can harm your dog. The only thing I would make you aware of that wasn’t on the list is avocados. With that being said, please be careful about feeding your dog human food or scraps and if you are unsure please contact your vet.

So what should and shouldn’t be in your dog’s treats?

Notice the differences of ingredients in each bag of treats.

Notice the differences of ingredients in each bag of treats.

What should be in dog treats:

  • Whole ingredients like rice, wheat, and eggs.

  • Ingredients like vitamin C and E to help keep treats fresh.

  • Meat ingredients should be whole. For example, Lamb versus lamb by-products, Lamb is better.

What shouldn’t be in dog treats:

Dog treats are not the entire substance of your dog’s diet, if the treats have more sugar for instance they are not necessarily bad, remember it’s a treat!

Homemade treats are a really good route to take with your dog, especially because you know what your dog likes and dislikes, and what is going into each treat. My favorite place to look for dog treat recipes is Pinterest, you can follow my doggie board or find your own. Most homemade treats will include banana, pumpkin, peanut butter, oatmeal, and/or carrots. I’ve made pupcakes for Ruby and she loved them, I can’t wait to try a peanut butter bacon or oatmeal treat for her next.

PupcakesWhat kind of homemade treat would you like to make for your furry friend? Did it surprise you how many toxic foods there are for dogs?