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Hi, my name is Jenilee, and I am a crazy dog lady/lover! If you have ever heard the phrase “crazy cat lady“, well I am kind of the dog version of that. I want to own lots and lots of dogs, but do not have the space! So my only way of this dream is to breed my beautiful Ms. Ruby to have lots of puppies, but of course find them loving homes.

I am currently a Senior at UW-Oshkosh studying Interactive Web Management, and will be graduating May 2014. I love my husband, Mike, chocolate ice cream, beaches, traveling, watching T.V., hanging out with friends, boating, and walking and playing fetch with Ruby. Ruby should be ready in about a year to breed, so here I am, writing about her adventures leading up to and past her first litter.

hangingout at the dog park!

hanging out at the dog park!

One thing I would like to talk about is the seriousness of breeding a dog. Some people are against breeders and do not like that people breed because there are so many animals that can be adopted or rescued. I am not against rescuing or adopting a dog at all, and if that is the road any pet lover wants to go down, I commend you.

I am not some “backyard” breeder or puppy mill, and I am not in this to make money. I am breeding Ruby because Goldendoodles are friendly, loving, caring, family dogs and I want to share this breed with many others so they can be as happy as I am with my doodle. 

If you are interested in learning more or would like to contact me please email me at: jenilee8729@gmail.com


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