Taking Your New Puppy Home

Bringing your Puppy Home

My husband and I drove all the way to Indiana to get Ruby, and the ride back was a blast. I kept Ruby in my lap the entire ride home, which was about 6 hours. We stopped three times to let Ruby go to the bathroom. We chose stops that did not seem to have much dog activity because her vaccinations weren’t complete yet and we didn’t want her to contract any diseases. Ruby slept for most of the car ride home and didn’t whine either. Some of the hardest parts of bringing a puppy home are getting the puppy acquainted to their new surroundings and sleeping at night.

Prepping for the New Puppy

There are few essential things you will need for your new puppy.

  • A leash and collar with dog tags. The dog tags should include the owner’s name and phone number. There are many places online for customizable dog tags.
  • Water and food dishes. Buy dishes that will fit with your dogs breed and size. We bought bigger dishes right away so Ruby would grow into them. Puppy in Food Dish
  • A dog crate and a comfortable dog bed.
  • Puppy food, try to get the same kind as the breeder used so you do not upset the puppy’s stomach.
  • Bring a toy to the breeder’s house for your pup so the scents from their brothers and sisters will be on it.


Introducing a New Puppy to Your House

  • Keep visitors to a minimum for the first couple of days so your pup can get used to their new surroundings and settle in.
  • Only praise your puppy for good behavior and ignore bad behavior. Your puppy has no idea what you expect of him/her and punishing will only create confusion and stress. Ruby Outside
  • The first thing to do when you arrive home is to take your pup to the designated bathroom area. Wait 10 to 15 minutes for your pup to relieve himself or herself. When your puppy does go, give him or her lots of praise.
  • Your puppy will be hungry soon after arriving home, so set out the dishes of water and food. When the pup is done eating promptly take him or her outside to use the bathroom.

Here is an informational article from Iams on bringing your puppy home too.

What was it like bringing your puppy home for the first time? Were you overjoyed, overwhelmed, well prepared? I would love to hear all of your stories!


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