Ms. Ruby Red the Goldendoodle

Of course, I need to tell you about my beautiful dog, Ruby.


My husband, Mike and I were talking about getting a Goldendoodle for years, and found a breeder in Wisconsin that would have a liter ready for us at the end of June in 2013. We were so excited but knew it was a really long time to wait for a puppy, I literally had puppy fever! I kept looking on all of the “puppy for sale” websites just to see what was out there, even though we found exactly what we thought we wanted… A day after Christmas in 2012, I went back on the puppy websites and found our puppy, even though I didn’t know it until about an hour later. This puppy was a first generation Goldendoodle. She was a a cross between a Golden Retriever and a red Standard Poodle and would grow to be about 45 to 65 pounds, she was our perfect match! I showed Mike with way too much excitement (and because deep down I couldn’t wait for a puppy any longer) and we both agreed this puppy would be the new addition to our family! We drove 6 hours to Indiana to pick up our most prized possession. The first time we saw her she ran out of the kitchen, and looked like a little fluff ball, we fell in love instantly.


Ruby is a very smart dog that loves attention and being involved in everything we do. She excelled at puppy classes and we have kept training her new tricks and commands. She is devoted to us and never wants to let us down. Ruby is energetic and needs walking every day, and for more exercise, fetch is at the top of her list. Ruby is always following me and if I’m in the living room lounging she lays right next to me or is chewing on a bone.

We can’t get enough of Ruby, and we have decided that we want others to feel what we feel, so we plan on breeding Ruby in about a year!

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” -Bernard Williams